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How Chicago Does a Lobster Roll

About 10 years ago, we started Happy Lobster with one goal in mind: Bring our favorite sandwich, the lobster roll, to our hometown, Chicago.


We set out on a mission to source the best lobster from the only place that could provide it. Chicago is the best at a lot of things, but in our humble opinion, Maine Lobster is the only lobster. We cultivated relationships with producers right on the shore, and once we did, we knew our job from there was not to screw it up.


Two things make a great lobster roll: the highest-quality lobster, and fresh baked bread. So, how could we pay homage to our beloved lobster roll, but make it our own? We decided that we would keep everything the same with the exception of one thing: a fresh-baked brioche burger bun instead of the traditional, split-top hot dog bun that you’ll see the majority of lobster rolls around the country on. And thus, the Happy Lobster was born.


From there, we created our tribute to Chicago, the Angry Lobster, topped with Chicago’s favorite condiment, giardiniera. With that, we were off to the races, not forgetting where our lobster came from, while not forgetting where we came from.


Our lobster is from Maine, but we are from Chicago, and this is How Chicago Does a Lobster Roll.